Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Updated: So' Natrual's Sensual Color Fit Macaroon Whip Mousse Lip in Peach Pink & Nude Beige

Hi my beautiful girls! Are you ready for a new review today?

If you recall, I've previously mention about this product in my 'Leisure Talk' post couple weeks ago and guess what? My order finally arrived after 443242089 years of wait. Alright, just kidding. But it does feel like it though since I was extremely looking forward to getting this product.

 Let's check it out!

I'm totally confused about what I should label this lip product as. It's not a lipstick, it's not a lip-tint, definitely not a lip gloss either. So what is it? Well, according to their official website, they're actually a product that combines all those three function.

One of the color I got was Peach Pink. It looked so pretty on After School's Nana and I just couldn't skip this! What I love the most about this color is that it kinda has that neon-finish to them which makes your lips glow. Like the name says, the color has a sheen of coral to the pink base and it's extremely beautiful. 

Although I'm currently obsessed with this shade even though I have medium skin tone, I feel like ladies with lighter skin will look better in this color. 

The other color I purchased was Nude Beige. I admit this color weren't meant to be worn alone when I chose this. The only reason why I chose this color is because I want to use it as a lip concealer. 

After testing it out, I did not regret my decision even though I've gave up other 'colors' for this. I will never wear Nude Beige alone because I look like I'm seriously ill without any other color on top. 

The formula is so mind-blowing for me because it's nothing that I've seen before. Because it's a 'mousse', the product is creamy when you first apply it to the lip. Then as you blend the product out, it 'melts' into your lips and create a powdery-like formula which makes it feel like you're not wearing anything on your lips at all. When I touch my lips, it's so smooth that if anybody walks up to me and touch my lips with their eyes closed, they wouldn't think I'm wearing any lip product at all. It's a 'No stickiness guaranteed' lip product that you rarely see.  

Also, guess what? This is not only a lip product. It has multi-functions that allows you to use it on your cheek as a blush as well. The Peachy Pink came out bright and blushy when worn on my cheek! It's so beautiful:) 

The lasting power is pretty weak not only because it starts fading out after 3 hours of wear, but you better be prepared that it'll be completely gone after drinking and eating. 
Below is a picture of the two swatches before blended out. I totally forgot to take a picture of the after because I was busy messing with the camera's setting. 

What about the scent you say? Well, the scent is... there is absolutely no scent at all. I tried to sniff it a few times but I can't smell anything at all. Not even the chemical smells that usually comes with natural ingredient cosmetics. Which is weird if you ask me, but I gotta admit I like it:)

I have a few serious heads-up for you before I go. Check it out! You'll thank me when you try one out for your own:) 
  1. Make sure you exfoliate your lips completely and apply lip-balm before applying the whip mousse because it will emphasize heavily on your dry lips because the formula itself has a unique powder-like finish. 
  2. Don't be fooled by the 'product-free' feel on your lips, it will stain anything that touches your lips. It's crazy!

That is all I have for you today and I hope you enjoyed my review on this lip mousse! For some reason, I feel like I'm missing something in this review.. if you'd like to know more about this product, please kindly comment below and I will get to you as soon as possible. 

Selca Time! 
Nude Beige+Peach Pink!

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