Monday, July 29, 2013

[Leisure Talk #1] So 'Natural Sensual Color Fit Macaroon Whip Mousse Lip + Twoface Mall

Hello darlings! You might have noticed it's been a few days since I last updated my blog with a review. I lost my camera's SD card so now I'm not able to save any photos. Please accept my apology, I promise I'll get those reviews updated as soon as I get out of my lazy mode and drag myself out the door to buy a new SD card.

So anyways... have you girls checked this video out yet?

Is there anyone who's interested in the Speedy Drawing BB stick and the Sensual Color Fit Macaroon Whip Mousse Lip like I am? 

After seeing this video, I hop right into the web and dig for places that sells those gorgeous thang! 
I ended up with this online shopping place called Ibuybeauti! Everything is great about this place except the price:( Of course, they offered free shipping and guaranteed refund If your item wasn't received in its best condition and they're willing to send you a new one at no cost! That's some outstanding service right there. But like I mentioned, their price is a little bit out the window for me ($19.99USD for the Macaroon Whip Mousse Lip)... so I decided to shoot a private message to Twoface Mall and request for a quote on those two items. They replied to me within 24hrs to confirm they've received my request and will update me soon. Very soon, I received a message from them telling me they've updated my request but I don't see a price of any sorts in the message at all. Right when I was about to shoot them another message, I realized they've updated those items on their shopping site so now it's available to everyone *giggle*! 

Kay, drum roll please! Guess what? Twoface Mall sells it at $18.99USD for the too-long name lippy and $25.50 for the BB stick (Ibuybeauti sells it at $24.99). But wait! I'm not done yet! The lippy is currently on a 1+1 deal (Buy 1 get 1 free) which means you get two items for $18.99 only:)) I'm a happy kid!
Also, the BB stick comes with a vibrate puff, too! An additional .51 cents gets you another vibrate puff! What's there to complain? 

I love the color Nana is wearing in her 'Good girl' look. It's called Peach Pink and I'm definitely getting that one! Also, I just realized the BB stick only comes in one shade and It's perhaps the lightest shade:( I guess I'm gonna have to skip that one :(:( 

Anyways, If you're interested in any of the products I mentioned in this post, please do check out Twoface Mall! if not... you can always check out the other items on their website too! 

I'm in no way affiliated with Twoface Mall (or Ibuybeauti). All my opinions are based on my own experience. 

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