Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Updated: Etude House's Nymph Aura Baby Glow Mist

Today, I have a new review up for those of you ladies out there who are either a mad dewy-finish person, or are interested in achieving a dewy-finish but clueless about where to start!

Neither of them? It's alright! Stay tuned and perhaps you'll find some inspiration? 
I've always been a big matte person all the while because I was afraid the dewy-finish would make my combination skin look oilier than it really is. It wasn't until recently I got super interested in the dewy trend after discovering many female celebrities with the natural-healthy glowing skin. 

While I was doing my research on products that could help me achieve the dewy finish, I stumbled upon this mist and was immediately hooked with the Baby Glow effect it claims. 

Before I start going into the good things I have to say about this product, I'll first tell you what I dislike about it. I was not fond of the heavy, typical Victoria Secret-like scent that comes with the mist. The smell is extremely heavy and It feels like I'm spraying perfume on my face. It would be great as a body mist, but I don't think this fragrant is suitable for a face product.

Also, the mist isn't as fine as I expected. When I spray it on my face, I could feel the droplets to the point where I naturally cringe my face every time I spray the mist to my face. It's important that you don't keep this too close to your face but also make sure it isn't too far from your face as well. 

I personally spray 3 times on my face and that is left, right, and the center where it'll allow the particles to spread around the entire face. Anything more than that is a risk to me!

I usually finish my make-up with the Nymph Aura Baby Glow mist at the end, but if you have dry skin or want more dewiness to your skin, you could use this before putting on your base make-up as well. 

Because of my combination skin, I tend to get oily forehead and shiny chin within 3-4 hours after putting my make-up on. With this mist, my face didn't get oily earlier like I expected, but it definitely made my face look more shiny than it really is when my forehead starts getting oily naturally because of the glowing effect. That sounded confusing but I hope you get the idea:)  

I decided to do a oil test and see what we get from the mist!

I did a comparison between pure water and the baby glow mist. As you can see, the blotting sheet with the baby glow mist turns dark blue while the water sheet stays light blue (no duh right!). Although the mist has oil element in it but it really isn't bad at all. :) 

I also did a comparison test w/ and w/o the mist on my face but for some reason, my camera can't seem to capture it quite well and it doesn't come off as obvious as it is in real life. I'll try it again tomorrow! Maybe the lighting allows me to capture it better:) 


So there's my comparison selca between matte and Nymph Aura Baby Glow Mist. With the same lighting, my 'Matte' face looks more dull while the face with Baby Glow Mist looks like its glowing. It wasn't easy to capture the dewy finish because the sun decided to take a nap today... this is the best shot I can get from my 'after' result. Hope it helps!

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