Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tony Moly's Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

I'm back with a new review for today!

Introducing the Kiss Kiss lip scrub from Tony Moly :)))

This is the first and only lip scrub I've ever used and it's definitely a great start to my lip scrub hunt! Just look at the packaging, isn't it cute? The pink lip-shape container makes your makeup collection a tad bit more... tasty? hahaha:)

I've been deeply obsessed with gradient lips these days and we all know how awful it would look with a layer of concealer that emphasizes your flaky dry lips, right?

I had to make a decision between the LUSH's lip scrub which retails at $9.95USD and the Tony Moly Kiss Kiss lip scrub which is available on ebay for approximately $6~. At last, I chose the Kiss Kiss lip scrub because I'm a sucker for packaging:)

The consistency of the scrub is thick and creamy with tiny granules that works to exfoliate your lips and removing dead skin cells. The granules itself is soft and gentle so you don't have to worry about it irritating your lips. From my experience, I had to apply the scrub twice to fully get rid of the flaky dead skins. If you're not planning to wear any lip products that could potentially emphasize on the flaky skin, then applying it once should be enough to give you a smooth looking bare lips. But if you're planning to exfoliate the skin before applying a concealer or lipsticks, then I suggest you to apply the scrub twice (Apply, rub, wipe, then repeat the steps one more time).

The scent is heaven. It has this sweet peachy smell that the Tony Moly peach anti-aging hand cream has. Mm~~ Yummm... what more could I ask for?

I've been using this lip scrub for 2 months now (at least twice a week) and I still have that much left so that's a thumbs up! 

The only downside of this scrub is that I have to dip my finger into the container to get the product out which is... unhygienic and nasty because I sometimes have to grab more after touching my lips with dead skin cells on it. That's disgusting isn't it? but don't worry, I always make sure to wipe my finger off with a tissue before dipping it into the container again. 

So that is all I have in my pocket today! I hope you found this review useful!:)


  1. sho cute! I totally adore the lip shaped packaging!
    want it~

    -Janice Song<3

    1. Sorry for the very late reply Janice:(
      Yes those korean cosmetic company is trying to empty our pockets with their lovely packaging. It's a love-hate relationship right here ahahah:)

  2. wow it's so cute! i wanna have one :3 since i often have dry & chappy lip's lip scrub's is a must for me and this look's nice. too bad there's no tony moly branch over here.. i can only buy via online maybe but i dunno where to haha. Anyway, Thank's for dropping by at my blog and leaving some sweet comment. By the way, I followed you back ^_^ i'm lovin' your blog hehe.
    Keep in touch pretty~ ♡

    1. Oh tell me about dry lips! I used to "exfoliate" my lips with my toothbrush... ahahahah. I know... wouldn't it be wonderful if we have access to all the Korean cosmetic brands in our area? Then again, we'd probably be broke if that's the case. You know how they keep coming out with new line like every other week? :D

      Thanks for following back and I certainly hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do reading yours:)

    2. BTW, I got mine from a ebay seller called worldmarket201010 and it's probably the lowest price you can get for this product with free shipping as well. :)
      If not, w2beauty is always a great alternative:)
      Let me know if those help k!