Monday, July 1, 2013

Missha's The Style Aqua Gel Tint in Scarlet Orange

How are ya'll doing in this ridiculously hot weather? I envy you if you're enjoying the cooling weather cause here in Seattle, it's around 90 degree out there and no way am I taking a step out the door today! I like that idea because that means I could draft out a few more reviews:) 

Missha's The Style Aqua Gel Tint in Scarlet Orange
I know you've been waiting, so let's get right into the review now!

This is probably my least favorite tint out of all the others that I've tried. The scent, the texture, the lasting power are below average and it's full of disappointment.

I picked up the shade in Scarlet Orange because you know how obsessed I am with corals and oranges:) Beside that, I was totally hooked after seeing this picture below:

Tell me you're not pleased with this sweet and gorgeous looking color! It looks so smooth and natural, how could I resist?

As you can see, the color reflects a vibrant reddish-orange and the jelly-like texture makes it a tad bit more beautiful than it already is. 
Alright, it's time to break your bubble and let me tell you how difficult this tint is to work with.

First, let's talk about the scent.

I anticipated a pleasant smelling orange scent to the tint, but it ended up smelling like orange filled with chemicals scent. It reminds me of the worst kind of orange soda you could ever taste. Not only that, but the scent stays with you even after you've applied the tint to your lips. Imagine tasting the chemical scent when you lick your lips.... yuuckk!

Also, if you're planning to use this tint to go for a gradient look, you better think twice. The formula dries up so quickly that it leaves you patchy stain if you don't work fast. That means if you don't blend the tint fast, it's gonna dry up and create the ugly patchy stain.. which is not too attractive.

The stain only lasted less than 2 hours on my lips >.< lame right? 

The color itself is incredibly pigmented and the color is very fanta-orange so that's the only positive thing I could find about this product.

This lip tint only deserves a D grade in my opinion.
The scent, texture, formula is just disappointing.. but otherwise, the tint is very pigmented and the packaging is beautiful.

Are you trying one out yourself?



  1. Your photography makes the product look amazing, haha. xD The colouring is just so pretty, I might have to give this a go, even if its' only a D grade! ;n;

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    1. Thank you June! I feel like I spend more time into taking and editing the pictures than writing the review itself.. but I'm glad you like it :)
      I agree the color is gorgeous (that's how I got hooked too)! Give it a shot and tell me what you think:)