Friday, July 12, 2013

Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Oh Hay! Long time no see.....

Sorry guys! I know it's been a while since I last updated my reviews... :(
I've actually been busy with finding new jobs around my area and going in for interviews and stuff!
It's tiring but this is life, right? 

Anyways! It's the weekend and I can finally sit down and catch up on my reviews! 
Let's get it started!

Today I'll be reviewing the oh-so-famous Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Nature Republic. 

This stuff is absolutely amazing! The day I got this soothing gel, I threw away all my lotions of all sorts! (Kay just kidding, I didn't do that. I'm just isolating them for now)
I can literally use this for anything! From face mask to hair treatment, you name it!

Here's an official picture showing you the methods you could use for.

Fantabulous you say? 
It's awesome :)

The container consist of 300ml/10.56 fl.oz. of products! I don't think i'll be able to see the bottom for at least another.... 3 months? (I've been using it on a daily basis for a month now)

Ingredients and 'How to use' in English on the back:)

It comes with a transparent cover to prevent the gel from accidentally spilling.. and also, it's more hygienic that way!

So far, I've tried out most of the methods except the healing sunburn step. It didn't really do anything for my hair in terms of hair treatment, but it is so moisturizing to apply the gel to the body like a body lotion! Not to mention the scent is so pleasant! 

The only thing I dislike about this product is of course... it comes with a container like that which requires you to dip your dirty finger in to grab the products because it doesn't come with a spatula.. unfortunately:( 

Also, I'm too lazy to use a spatula even if I have one! But no worries, that's when my hand sanitizer comes in to play:) Remember, always always wash your hand or sanitize your hand before dipping your finger into any products that will go onto your face!

This pretty much wraps up my review for the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. 
There weren't any in-depth review, but this product is pretty straight-forward itself... 
I hope you enjoyed the photos and you can expect what you'll receive if you order online!;)

This Aloe Vera Soothing Gel definitely deserves an A in my grade book!


  1. I need to try this! I did not body shop made their own because I used to use the Etude House Soothing gel which was fantasic. Thank you soo much for the review:) Now I know!

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

    I want to invite you to the Beauty and Fashion Bloggers' Bloghop on my blog ♡

    1. Etude House has its own soothing gel too?
      I should give it a try~

      p.s this aloe vera soothing gel is from Nature Republic btw:)

  2. So many people have said how good this is! I really want to try this product now. Great review! Thank you :)


    1. Yes I'm planning on purchasing a few more just to stock it up...
      just in case it ever gets discontinued.

      glad you found the review useful Bella;)

  3. It makes me want to try this product, too :) It looks so refreshing and moisturizing. And I love Aloe products.

    1. I'm new to aloe products and this is my first try:) Definitely a BINGO for me!
      Try it out yourself and let me know how you like it Fraulein:)

  4. Hi Nineteen, I was wondering if you could write about your skincare routine?
    Ive been looking for some skincare idea and I'm really interested in yours.
    I don't mind waiting for a little bit hahahahah
    thanks Nineteen!

    Sandara Luu

    1. Hello lovely! I'm very happy to get a request and I will post about my skincare routine as soon as I put out all my pre-written reviews:)
      I've been wanting to do such post but I was worried if anyone wants to read it because I'm a fairly new blogger.

      Thanks for your request again, Sandara:)