Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tony Moly's CatChu Wink Lip Tint in Orange Chacha

Hello beautiful ones! Here's a another review from me to you:)

Hi Orange. You're back again! :)

If you've already checked out my previous review on the Missha Aqua Gel Lip Tint, you might notice these two shares a lot of similarities!

Tell me, how could anyone not like this adorable packaging? with that cutie cat lid? no? :)
Also, because the tube is so skinny and little, it is very convenient to carry around. This is quite an high maintenance product due to it's short wearing... so I do suggest to slide this into your pocket and touch-up every few hours.  

Unlike most of tints, the Catchu wink lip tint is a little bit more thicker in formula and harder to blend. The liquid dries up really quick so you'd have to blend it out as soon as possible, otherwise it'll leave patchy stains on your lips. Watch out for that! 

The applicator is easy to use because it does a good job at soaking up the right amount to apply to the lips. You can rest assure that the liquid won't drip with such applicator! Tints that comes with a 'nail polish brush' tends to be the trouble maker because it doesn't absorb and 'hold' the liquid at all. 

The scent is super disappointing because it has this artificial orange smell to them and I could taste the bitterness of it when I lick my lips. I've read from other beauty blogger reviews claiming that it smells amazing! So If you like the tint, don't turn away from this just yet!:) I'm very picky and sensitive to scent so maybe it's just me ahahaha!

The color is absolutely beautiful and pigmented. 
Take a look at the picture below which include swatches from both Missha Aqua Gel Tint in Scarlet Orange and Orange Chacha from Tony Moly.

Even though they're both orange shade, you can see that Orange Chacha is more true to color than Scarlet Orange... which comes off a little more reddish after comparison.

As you can see, the Orange Chacha is a little more subtle when blended out compare to Missha Aqua Gel Tint Scarlet Orange which lean more towards neon finish.

I notice it tends to dry up my lips through out the day, so my suggestion is to wear a lipbalm before applying the lip tint. Last but not the least, like I mentioned in the beginning... the lasting power isn't strong and it only lasted about 3.5 hours for me... 4 hours at most. Keep that in mind you're planning for a long day out with this tint:)

Alright! That is all I have for you today:) I hope you enjoyed yet another 'Orange' review and please feel free to leave me a comment or question below, I'll get to you ASAP!

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