Saturday, June 29, 2013

Etude House's Miss Tangerine Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge in Coral Tangerine

Etude House's Miss Tangerine Luci Darling Fantastic Rouge in #13 Coral Tangerine
Why hello there ladies and gentleman! How are you all doing?
I got a new review for you today and it's the Miss Tangerine lipstick from Etude House's Tangerine line.

 Let's cut it and  get right into the baby alright!

I got mine from a ebay seller and they claimed it being a lipgloss instead of a lipstick... and that's really the reason why I got hooked into buying this lipgloss lipstick. That was a huge disappointment for me because I was really looking forward to trying out a coral lipgloss... guess not! 

Anyways, the shade that I got is #13 Coral Tangerine. Do not be fooled by the color in the picture because it definitely looks way redder than the actual color. It actually came off pretty orange on my lips. 

Though I am very impressed with the color pay off, I still didn't like how difficult it slides on my lips. Although the texture is quite creamy, but it somehow feels too dry to glide on my lips smoothly. It took me a few more streaks to cover my bottom lip.

The package itself is pretty simple, but I definitely like this over the Etude House's Dear Jelly-Lips talk line which features a plain white cap decorated with tiny color beads. 

The light pink frosted-plastic cover is the best part of the packaging for me. I know it sounds a little bit silly, but I have a thing with frosted-glass and almost anything frosted looking. :)

Overall, I give this a 3 out of 5
A good 2 points was deducted for the difficult application and the formula seem a little bit too drying. 

That's it for the review. Are you thinking of trying one out?

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  1. That color looks so pretty<3 I am really impressed with the color payoff. I really liked the box, actual lipstick packaging is ok.

    Townhouse Palette

    1. It is! It's definitely THE color for this summer:)
      I agree with the simple packaging too.

      Thanks for the feedback Laila:)

  2. The colour is gorgeous! Something I would pick up myself :) Its a shame that it's drying otherwise it would be perfect.
    Thank you for the review and welcome to the blogosphere!!

    1. Thank you for following, Carmen:)
      Yes it's a little drying and streaky, but if you're used to applying lipbalms before applying lipsticks, then I think it should glide on a little easier;)