Friday, June 28, 2013

Lioele's Blooming Pop Lip Tint in Pinky & Cherry

Lioele's Blooming Pop Lip Tint - Cherry & Pink
This is a longgggggg overdue review that I've been wanting to do forever now.
I must say Lioele's Blooming Pop Lip Tint is probably the most outstanding and impressive lip tint I've ever used. Not only is it pigmented (specifically Cherry tint), but the texture gives you a very natural free of lip product-look. This is actually the very first lip tint that I've ever owned, but after trying all sorts of other lip tints out in the market, this remains the #1 in my ranking.

Lioele's Blooming Pop Lip Tint in Cherry
Speaking of pigment, the most impressive and one that I especially love is the Cherry Tint.  I had doubt about pulling this off well because it does look insanely red and scary... but it ended up looking gorgeous on my lip. Though the red is pretty deep, but the watery nature of it made it look soft and wearable on the lips.

The scent of the Cherry is especially amazing because it smells like Rose which is weird because it would make more sense if it smells like Cherry (since... it's called cherry tint after all, right?) The rose scent is so pleasant and relaxing that I can't help but keep sniffing off the brush application whenever I use it.
Lioele's Blooming Pop Lip Tint in Pinky

In contrast, the Pinky Tint is less pigmented and almost invisible when applied to my naturally pigmented lips.  I had to swatch a few more times before it clearly shows up on the back of my hand, too. As for the scent, this smells more like watermelon to me.

Nonetheless, the lasting power is worth the mention as well. It lasted up to 4hrs on me which I think it's not bad at all. If you have naturally pigmented lips like I do, I suggest you to use this to create the gradient lip look. 
Swatch of Cherry tint and Pinky tint

As I mentioned above, it took me a few more swatches before the color could show up clearly on my camera whereas it only took 1 swatch to achieve that shade with Cherry. 
Brush application
The brush application is like the typical nail polish brush we get. It's soft enough to apply the tint to your lips without giving it a patchy look like a lot of  my other tints does with sponge-like application.
I rarely apply this all over my lips because this is usually go-to tint when I'm going for the gorgeous gradient lip look.

Overall, I give this lip tint a 4.5 out of 5. .5 point was deducted for the incredibly short lasting power:( I have to re-apply after about 2 hours and that's how long the color last at most. Pretty disappointing eh? 

But for the outstanding texture and color pay-off, I can forgive that flaw. :)

Are you convinced to try one out any soon?
let me know:D  

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  1. im definitely convinced to get my hands on them now!!! thank you for the review 19 ^^