Thursday, June 27, 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Corail Incandescent

Are you ready for the hot hot summer?

Hello there lovelies! Today I'll be continuing my lipstick streak with this beautiful coral lipstick from YSL! Just in time for summer don't you think?

This is sadly the only high-end lipstick that I've ever owned in my my life and I'm not sure If I want to keep it. I honestly don't really care for lipsticks because I'm used to not wearing them anyways. Furthermore, I don't think I can persuade myself in keeping a whooping $34 lipstick in my drawer since I've been wearing my Etude House Jelly Lips-talk lipstick a lot lately. But I am loving the color and the texture of this YSL lipstick... so I might end up keeping it just because I feel like every girl out there deserves an outstanding lipstick in their collection. I know... this girl just can't make up her mind, can she?

Alright, personal story aside! Let's get this review started!

Like I said, the texture is so smooth and hydrating that it leaves your lips looking like you have a layer of balm under and gloss on top of the lip color. In another words, it's good stuff right here! Unfortunately, I don't have a swatch photo to show you because I accidentally deleted a few pictures while clicking on ctrl+select... delete. Sorry guys and gals :(

Anyhow, what especially caught my heart with this product is the incredible pigmentation it comes with even though the texture and formula comes off more like a lipbalm. Though the color did not came out as I expected on my lips (it leaned towards melon-red), but it still looks fascinating regardless! To correctly defined the color, I would say it's more like Melon-red with hints of Coral sheen?  That's my shot at it haha :)

Official Photo Credit to
The picture I've taken weren't as true to color as the lipstick really is, so here's a professional taken photo that I've grabbed from the official site to give you a better idea of how the color might look like.
The packaging is incredibly chic and luxurious looking, don't you think? I actually adore this packaging the most out of all I've seen. If I was very very very rich... preferably above Bill Gate's standard (;p there goes the dreaming nineteen..), I would probably purchase the entire collection just for the packing itself.
 Just Kidding. No really, just joking. I wouldn't do that. It's too much to handle lol

Anyways, with summer approaching.. OH WAIT. It already arrived?! >.>
MY BAD. Can't blame the girl who lives in Seattle! If you don't already know, Seattle is known for the rainy weather.  I don't remember meeting summer lately... hopefully I'll see her soon so I could puck on my lips with this gorgeous lipstick!

 Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Corail Incandescent deserves a whooping 
5 out of 5!
everything was perfection from texture to pigment to packaging!
If possible, I suggest you hurry over to a counter to pick this gorgeous up and give it a try.
Oh, one downside of it... the $%^&* price :( Nineteen no like.

*Oh by the way, I've decided to keep this lipstick after all :):):)
darn review! lol.

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  1. The color is something I would like =) The price is a little difficult to bargain tho:X Thanks for the review Ninteen!❤