Monday, August 26, 2013

Nineteen&'s First Giveaway Ended

Everybody, Nineteen&'s very first giveaway has successfully ended! :)

I would like to thank every one of you who participated in my giveaway and I appreciate all your patience! The 3 Lucky winners has been informed and I kindly ask the winners to reply within 48 hours. Otherwise, I will be picking a new winner for fairness reason. 

For your information, winners are selected randomly through Rafflecopter's random pick feature. Attached below are screenshot of the winners to show you that in no way is this a fraud. 

Congratulate Nila, Hena and Marrien for winning the prize and to the others that didn't win this time, don't worry because I'm already planning a massive giveaway to celebrate my birthday that is just around the corner (ahahahahah!). 

Although I already have some great ideas that I could use for the giveaway, I still like to hear what other ideas you guys could come up with! :) So please, drop down your brilliant idea down below and I promise I'll carefully review each and every suggestion of yours!

Thanks again for every one who participated in my giveaway and sit tight while I prepare for my 2nd giveaway that is coming up very soon :)

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