Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lioele's Blooming Gloss in #02 Flower Pink

Last night, I had a weird dream.

In my dream, I was writing a review on the Lioele Blooming Gloss on a typewriter (lol) and then something happened... then the scene quickly switched to my brother became an avatar.

It'll probably take a few paragraphs for me to express my feeling about this weird dream, so let's just say... keep it real. :) I've never thought about reviewing this gloss but since it made a special appearance in my dream, I'm totally motivated to do this.

This is one of my first few Korean cosmetics I've ever owned. It's definitely one of my most favorite out of them all, too! The color, the texture, the scent and everything is especially amazing for me.

Before Etude House and Tony Moly, the only Korean brand I was familiar with is Lioele. I remember it was quite a big deal back then, but now... I rarely hear about it anymore. It's pretty sad because they have such quality products and beautiful packaging :( Speaking of packaging... I wanted to show you the box that this gloss came in but I threw it away long ago. It's the prettiest box I've ever seen and It's something that not even the princess-style Etude House could match up to.

What I love the most about this lip gloss is the semi-sticky yet watery texture. Out of all kinds of lip products, lip gloss is my least favorite because of the sticky texture. But this lip gloss is exceptionally comfortable to wear because its quite watery.

The lasting power ain't impressing because the stickiness needed to hold the product in place isn't there. It last for approximately 2 hours or 2.5 hours at most for normal wear. Normal wear means not eating or drinking in the mean time!

Aside from the gorgeous glass-like tube (It's actually plastic), the scent is super amazing as well! It has this flowery scent with a bit of added sweetness to them. As far as I know, this scent can only be found in Lioele's product currently.

Above is a picture of the brush applicator and I like how it's not completely flat. The bristles are soft and it works great at holding the gloss together so that it won't drip while traveling from the tube to your lips:)

I absolutely love the blush pink shade and I think it looks great on anybody. The color is pretty sheer but it's definitely buildable. Because my lips are naturally pigmented, this color comes really close to my natural lip color so it's not too visible. Also, this lip gloss has shimmer in it but it's very subtle. It won't be crazily noticeable on your lips but it creates a beautiful glowing effect.

Alrighty! That is all I have to say about this product and I hope you enjoyed reading my review:)   

P.S I purchased mine awhile ago from Pretty&Cute

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